Natural Home Remedies for Strep Throat

Helping the body in dealing with infections is essential, any infection can manifest anywhere in our body, one of which lies in the throat, or more commonly known as strep throat. People with strep throat naturally seek appropriate treatment to get rid of the symptoms of strep throat.

get rid of stuffy nose overnight
get rid of stuffy nose overnight

Some of them prefer home remedies, in which it included natural antiseptic, diet, natural analgesics or natural antibacterial cures. Whenever they used appropriately, home remedies can help speed up the healing process of a sore throat, because it helps eradicate bacteria and boost the immune system. Everyone has ever experienced a sore throat in their lives.

While children and teenagers is a group of people which easily infected with strep throat, but the adults also can suffer from strep throat as they have decreased in immunity.

Strep throat generally appears as a result of a streptococcal bacterial infection; unfortunately, the type of bacteria is highly contagious and took the intermediary of physical contact (handshake, touch) or secretions (sneezing, coughing).

This type of bacteria can stay in the air, so there is no guarantee for a clean environment is able to prevent strep throat to take place. So, when you are standing next to contaminated person, there is a possibility that you can be infected even if you do not make a direct contact.

You may recognize some of the symptoms of a sore throat that accompany such as, inflammation and swelling of the tonsils, swollen and painful lymph nodes, inflammation and swelling of the throat, fever, difficulty swallowing, nausea, headache, vomiting, fatigue and diarrhea.

Natural Home Remedies for Strep Throat to Ease Each of These Symptoms

You can apply some home remedies for strep throat, but the use of home remedies cannot completely replace prescription medication from a doctor, which means you still need antibiotics to eradicate the bacteria that cause a sore throat, and only a physician can determine the proper dosage for your condition.

There are several alternatives to medical antibiotics; however, they are less effective when it comes to eradicating the bacteria without the aid of medical drugs. Some of the known home remedies that can act as natural antibiotics are honey, garlic, tea tree oil and olive leaf extract.

You can apply home remedies for a sore throat, however, if your condition is severe, you should not leave the medical treatment to heal strep throat. Certainly, home remedies are still required in addition to medical antibiotics.

To overcome the pain, discomfort, and tenderness, you can take sage, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, jasmine, and thyme. They are very effective in relaxing the body and reduce the pain, and you can apply them as an ointment or essences.

Chamomile and peppermint tea can help relieve indigestion, reduces nausea and relief abdominal pain.
You can also come up with a saline solution to gargle. It is very useful to relieve a sore throat. Salt water can help eradicate the bacteria that cause strep throat. Simply washing the mouth for several times a day and get relief from a sore throat.

Taking sufficient rest is essential when suffering from strep throat. When having a night of sleep, your body works to regenerate cells that are essential to revitalizing the internal organs and eradicate diseases that may exist.

However, strep throat can sometimes make you have difficulty in sleeping. You can take home remedies like ginseng and passion flower as a sedative and analgesic effects to sleep more soundly.

Home remedies are known to be effective for accelerating the healing process of strep throat. You just need to take some home remedies along with medical treatments; a sore throat can go away in a matter of days.

12 Powerful Ways to Overcome Stuffy Nose When Sleeping at Night

Have you ever experience nasal congestion when taking a nap, especially also when sleeping at night? This condition is commonly experienced by most people, even ourselves. Nasal congestion is a common problem that is very annoying, especially when it appears at night as we need to go to bed.

get rid of runny nose
How to Get Rid of Runny Nose Using Natural Ingredients

Everyone has the potential to have a stuffy nose, either child, babies, even pregnant women, they can all be attacked by a stuffy nose. Nasal congestion arises as a result of the mostly cold and flu. Colds and flu can trigger the production of mucus to clog the nostrils.

A headache or dizziness are some of the symptoms that accompany a stuffy nose. You can take the medicines available in pharmacies to treat nasal congestion. However, you must realize that the long-term usage of such drugs can cause side effects. Hence it is better to apply home remedies for a stuffy nose that is proven safe and efficient too.

Causes of Stuffy Nose

Before we know how to get rid of a stuffy nose, it is better if we are aware in advance the cause of a stuffy nose itself, now here are some causes of a stuffy nose.

1. The common cold.
2. The level of low humidity is causing swelling or irritation.
3. Sinusitis is a common cause of a stuffy nose.
4. Allergic to something like the bed material, pillows, blankets, and mattresses.
5. The reaction of the immune system that is not able to overcome fungal attack in the air.

Powerful Ways to Overcome a Stuffy Nose

1. Powerful Ways Overcoming Stuffy Nose with warm water bath
A warm bath can help you to overcome the problem of a stuffy nose. Steam from the water can penetrate the nose and relieve it.

2. Overcoming Stuffy Nose with Water
It’s important to keep your body hydrated at all times and fresh. It can relieve irritated nasal passages and prevent blockage of the sinuses. You can drink warm water to remove toxins from the body and cure a stuffy nose.

3. How to Cope Stuffy Nose by Adjusting position of the head
Elevate the head with prop up with extra pillows. This will allow the mucus trapped in a stuffy nose to come out. And also, it is also quite effective to make your sleep time is not disturbed because of breathing difficulties.

4. Overcome Stuffy Nose with warm Orange Beverage
The best way to overcome congestion is to drink warm lemon water. This healthy beverage also helps you maintain immunity. Moreover, if it is added with honey.

5. Overcoming Stuffy Nose with spicy food
Eating spicy foods is the best way to relieve nasal congestion. The spicy flavor of the food will make the mucus flow out by itself.

6. Powerful Way to Overcome Stuffy Nose with Steaming
This is the best way to soothe inflammation and allow you to breathe in relief, when you run into problems stuffy nose. Take a bowl of boiling water and cover your head with a towel so that the steam directly inhaled into the nose and the face. This can drain the mucus and toxins from your body.

7. Relieves Congestion Nasal with herbal tea
Tea is the safest drug to overcome congestion. The steam released by plants will help soothe irritation in the nasal passages. The herbal tea is also used to thin mucus and improve nasal drainage.

8. Overcome Stuffy Nose with eucalyptus oil
This is one good herbal remedy for a stuffy nose. Pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of boiling water and inhale the steam for 10 minutes. The nose will be relieved and not clogged.

9. Powerful Way to Overcome Stuffy Nose with chicken soup
The chicken soup is an excellent remedy for a stuffy nose. A bowl of hot chicken soup is the best way to open a stuffy nose. It contains cysteine, which relieves blockage in the nose and releases mucus that eventually opens the blockage in the nose.

10. Treat Stuffy Nose with Salt Water Gargling
Add salt into the warm water. Stir until dissolved. Rinse several times with the solution. This is the best way to drain the mucus and open blockages in your nose.

11. Natural Remedy of Onions
Onions are powerful drugs such as chili and efficient way to overcome congestion. Wash one or two slices of onion and then inhale it. This will make a stuffy nose relief.

12. Eliminate Stuffy Nose with Take a Walk
If you are bothered by a stuffy nose at night and when it does not feel weak or tired, then you can go out for a walk and a refreshing moment. A simple movement such as walking can improve circulation breathing and works as a natural decongestant.

Control Your Runny Nose with These Seven Healthy Methods

A runny nose is one of the common disorders that you may get when you’re catching colds. A runny nose can make you very miserable because when you are down, you must prepare for the amount of fluid would fall out of your nose. Moreover, a runny nose is usually accompanied by nasal congestion which is very annoying and makes you have difficulty in breathing.

get rid of a stuffy nose instantly
How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Instantly

You can overcome a runny nose with seven easy methods such as the following tips.

Most of a runny nose caused by colds, so it is strongly recommended for you to drink plenty of fluids. Water helps promote moisture your body and eradicate the germs that cause colds.

Increase the humidity in the room is also beneficial for treating colds. The humidity of the room may help reduce the irritation of the nasal airway inflammation. Inhaling steam is able to relieve your nose. Then you will be spared from a runny nose.

Do not underestimate the ability of eucalyptus oil. Pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief and inhale the aroma can relieve nasal congestion is causing a runny nose.

Honey can eliminate the bacteria that cause colds, thus putting honey in tea or bread and consume them may be able to make you feel better.

Spices like turmeric are rich in anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it will stop a runny nose effectively.

Cinnamon is also an effective natural remedy for treating colds. Add a pinch of cinnamon into the warm water honey and drink the solution to stop a runny nose.

I suggest these healthy tips above which are able to control a runny nose.

Having a Runny Nose Every Morning : How to Get Rid of It

Every time I wake up in the morning, I have a runny nose, and it has been going on for several days. This condition is accompanied by sneezing and very annoying, how is it possible? You may also have an experience like this.

How Do You Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Tips and Tricks
How Do You Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Tips and Tricks

Most likely you are allergic to something in your environment, considering it emerged during the last few days. Try to remember, any object that has just appeared in your neighborhood when the first symptoms arise and restrained until now.

During allergens live in your neighborhood, then allergy symptoms such as a runny nose and watery eyes still exist, especially when the source of allergies touching your eyes, or your breath inhaled.

The best way is to wear a mask when in a particular room. Allergy symptoms can be caused by the dirty air conditioner or bad air freshener. Pay attention to where you feel your nasal fluid is produced more often. Find a source of allergies and remove it to prevent a runny nose and watery eyes.

How to Get Rid of Runny Nose Using Natural Ingredients

We all know that runny nose is an irritating issue especially when it lasts for more than a week so it is important to know on how to get rid of runny nose.

It actually can happen to both adult and kids. Usually, every time there is excess mucus inside the nasal passages and sinus, it occurs.

get rid of runny nose
How to Get Rid of Runny Nose Using Natural Ingredients

Usually, it happens when your body is fighting off the flu viruses, allergens and irritants out from your body.

There are various causes of this issue including sudden weather change, sinus infection and allergic reaction.

It can lead to other issues like headaches, coughing, earaches and many other problems if it is not treated properly soon. Basically, doctors will prescribe you some medicines but actually home remedies are effective enough to treat at.

Home remedies are better in terms of side effects. Prescribed medicines often cause side effects like drowsiness but the more remedies do not cause such side effect yet they give satisfying result.

The most popular home remedy is saline water. Aside from this solution, there are other remedies you can try. Check out the recommended remedies below.

1. Mustard Oil

It may sound a bit strange for you though mustard oil actually can be a very effective remedy for runny nose.

It contains abundance amount of antihistamine, antiviral and antibiotic properties to instantly provide relief from runny nose and similar symptoms.

To get the benefit of mustard oil, you need to heat few tsp of mustard oil over the heat until it is warm.

Then, put one drop in each nostril and let it drain. It clears up your nasal passages. Repeat it three times a day for better result.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric doesn’t only make good spice that is often used by people in Asia but it also makes effective home remedy for runny nose.

It has various properties like antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant that work as antidote for runny nose and other health problems.

You need to mix 1 ½ tsp of dry turmeric powder and one cup of linseed oil. Then, warm it up over the heat for few minutes until it starts to create smoke. Then, continue by inhaling the smoke slowly through one nostril and another one. Repeat it twice a day.

Or, you can also make turmeric drink by mixing one glass of milk and 1 tsp of turmeric powder. It is better to have the milk warm so turmeric powder will be easily dissolved. Drink it twice a day until you see improvement.

3. Ginger

Ginger is among the healthiest spices that have been used widely for healing. In the case of runny nose, it is useful to provide quick relief thanks to its anti fungal, anti toxic, antiviral and antioxidant properties.

You can use the ginger in various ways to get its benefit for relieving your runny nose. For instance, you can chew small raw ginger piece that is sprinkled with salt before. Chew it few times a day to get the relief.

Or, you can make ginger tea by boiling water with ginger slices and honey. It is better to drink it when it is still warm.

Basically, you can choose some of those recommended remedies on how to get rid of runny nose without applying all the remedies.