How to Get Rid of Runny Nose Using Natural Ingredients

We all know that runny nose is an irritating issue especially when it lasts for more than a week so it is important to know on how to get rid of runny nose.

It actually can happen to both adult and kids. Usually, every time there is excess mucus inside the nasal passages and sinus, it occurs.

get rid of runny nose
How to Get Rid of Runny Nose Using Natural Ingredients

Usually, it happens when your body is fighting off the flu viruses, allergens and irritants out from your body.

There are various causes of this issue including sudden weather change, sinus infection and allergic reaction.

It can lead to other issues like headaches, coughing, earaches and many other problems if it is not treated properly soon. Basically, doctors will prescribe you some medicines but actually home remedies are effective enough to treat at.

Home remedies are better in terms of side effects. Prescribed medicines often cause side effects like drowsiness but the more remedies do not cause such side effect yet they give satisfying result.

The most popular home remedy is saline water. Aside from this solution, there are other remedies you can try. Check out the recommended remedies below.

1. Mustard Oil

It may sound a bit strange for you though mustard oil actually can be a very effective remedy for runny nose.

It contains abundance amount of antihistamine, antiviral and antibiotic properties to instantly provide relief from runny nose and similar symptoms.

To get the benefit of mustard oil, you need to heat few tsp of mustard oil over the heat until it is warm.

Then, put one drop in each nostril and let it drain. It clears up your nasal passages. Repeat it three times a day for better result.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric doesn’t only make good spice that is often used by people in Asia but it also makes effective home remedy for runny nose.

It has various properties like antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant that work as antidote for runny nose and other health problems.

You need to mix 1 ½ tsp of dry turmeric powder and one cup of linseed oil. Then, warm it up over the heat for few minutes until it starts to create smoke. Then, continue by inhaling the smoke slowly through one nostril and another one. Repeat it twice a day.

Or, you can also make turmeric drink by mixing one glass of milk and 1 tsp of turmeric powder. It is better to have the milk warm so turmeric powder will be easily dissolved. Drink it twice a day until you see improvement.

3. Ginger

Ginger is among the healthiest spices that have been used widely for healing. In the case of runny nose, it is useful to provide quick relief thanks to its anti fungal, anti toxic, antiviral and antioxidant properties.

You can use the ginger in various ways to get its benefit for relieving your runny nose. For instance, you can chew small raw ginger piece that is sprinkled with salt before. Chew it few times a day to get the relief.

Or, you can make ginger tea by boiling water with ginger slices and honey. It is better to drink it when it is still warm.

Basically, you can choose some of those recommended remedies on how to get rid of runny nose without applying all the remedies.

How to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose and Sore Throat Home Remedies

Do you know on how to get rid of stuffy nose and sore throat? Stuffy nose and sore throat are symptoms of cold or flu.

These mean your body is fighting off the virus or bacteria inside your body. The symptoms may last only a few days and in certain conditions, it may last for few weeks.

get rid of stuffy nose and sore throat
How to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose and Sore Throat

When it gets worse, it can pretty irritating. Therefore, what you have to do is to apply the home remedies as soon as you can to prevent it from getting worse.

1. Drink More Water

As soon as you feel unwell, drink more water than you usually do. Water is really useful to prevent you from getting sick and.

You have to drink at least 8 glass of water from the moment you wake up to the moment you sleep at night. Water is also useful to cool your throat and remove any bacteria that may reside on your throat and cause the sore.

In the meantime, consume herbal drink as well. For instance, make some herbal tea or ginger tea. It is better to drink the lukewarm herbal tea.

2. Use Some Steam

Another way to loosen the stuffy nose and relieve your throat is by breathing in some steam. This is a free remedy that you can repeat many times in a day.

What you have to do is to boil water. Once it is boiling, open it and hold your head above the boiling water. As the steam flows out, slowly breathe it in through your nose.

However, if it is still too how, wait a few seconds because you certainly don’t want to burn your nose, right? And, you can combine it by placing humidifier to keep the air around you moist.

If you feel that your nose is full of stuff and mucus, you can blow it. Do not worry, this will not harm you.

Instead, it will make your nose feeling a little lighter. It is always better to sniff all the mucus back.

However, make sure to do it gently because if you do it the hard way, it will cause the germ-carrying phlegm to move back into the ear passages. Follow the technique by pressing one nostril using your finger as you gently blow the mucus out of another nostril.

3. Salt Water Rinse

Salt water rinse or saline spray is always proven to be useful to break up congestion inside the nose. This is an effortless remedy that is so affordable because you only need sea salt, water and baking soda.

Prepare these ingredients: 1 tsp baking soda, 3 tsp pure sea salt, 8 ounces or 1 cup of lukewarm water. Mix them all. Then, grab a bulb syringe and fill it with this solution.

Then, pour the solution inside of your nostril one by one. Leave it for a few minutes until it drains. Make sure to use only sterile bulb syringe every time you repeat this remedy.

Now that you have acknowledge some of the most effective home remedies on how to get rid of stuffy nose and sore throat, apply these remedies as soon as you fell unwell.