How Do You Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Tips and Tricks

How do you get rid of stuffy nose usually? Well, some people do apply certain remedies to get rid of this problem. Some are effective and the rest of the remedies are not working.

Fortunately, this post will share the most effective home remedies to treat stuffy nose. Of course, all of these remedies are very affordable. Even some are free.

How Do You Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Tips and Tricks
How Do You Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Tips and Tricks

When it comes to stuffy nose, it is true that this is often cause by respiratory allergies and cold. These problems cause nasal lining irritation, swelling and inflammation of sinuses and also the nasal passage.

Furthermore, there are also other causes that you have to be aware of including exposure to dangerous chemical substances, sinus infections, and nasal congestion.

It is normal if you always want to blow your nose to remove the excess fluid. However, it will keep on happening if do not address the problem by using effective home remedies.

1. Saline Spray of Drops

Are you wondering on the safest and most effective way to relieve your blocked nose? Make some saline drop of spray.

Actually, there are saline spray products off available on the supermarket of pharmacies like the one from Arm and Hammer. However, you can actually make it yourself. It will cost you less yet give you just the best result.

The ingredients are simple as they only include water and salt. Mix a cup of lukewarm water with 2 tsp of pure sea salts.

Dissolve the liquid and use it as saline drops for few times a day. This solution is what you need to move the congestion, lightens the thickened mucus and moisturizes swollen tissues.

Apparently, it also has an advantage as it doesn’t cause any rebound congestion. Use the drops several times until you can breathe normally and your inflammation subsides.

2. Steam Inhalation

Basically, this is similar to hot water only that is used only in the nose. Every time you inhale the steam, your stuffy nose will get relieved.

It is the right remedy if you have infected and congested sinus. During the process, steam facilitates and opens up steam drainage.

What you need to do is to hold your head above steaming water inside the pot. Then, take deep breathes several times until the steam is reduced.

If using the pot is less practical, use steamer vaporizer. This vaporizer can be easily found in the supermarket and is offered in low price.

As you steam your nose, add few drops of essential oils like eucalyptus oil into a cup of water. This will help to fully open your nose and to provide fast relieve.

At the same time, it may reduce inflammation and promote sinus drainage. Other recommended essential oils include menthol and peppermint oil.

3. Spicy Hot Tea

This remedy may sound weird yet is actually effective. When hot tea is added with pepper, it will contain various necessary substances including bioavailability enhancer and flavonoids.

These are the substances that do only improve potent molecules actions. This adds more option to answer the question ho how do you get rid of stuffy nose usually.

Simple Tips on How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Instantly

How to get rid of stuffy nose instantly? Well, having stuffy nose is always uncomfortable especially when it has been happening for a few days.

Blowing it doesn’t solve the problem as it only removes some of the stuff inside but the real cause hasn’t been addressed yet.

get rid of a stuffy nose instantly
How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Instantly

And when it isn’t treated for few days, it may get worse and cause irritation in your nose that is quite painful.

Actually, stuffy nose is a natural reaction when your body fights off the flu or cold. During the fighting, the nose tissues and blood vessels that are inside your nose become swollen due to excess fluid.

Meanwhile, there are also other causes like irritants and allergies. Luckily, home remedies are quite effective to get rid of this problem as long as you apply the right remedies. Of course, these remedies are effortless and cheap.

1. Hot Shower

Despite of the hot weather and sunny days, hot shower is more recommended instead of cold shower especially when you wake up in the morning.

According to a lot of people, this method does help to relieve inflammation and irritation temporarily as you also consume medicines to fight off the flue.

The steam from the hot water will help to drain the excess of mucous. And, adding some essential oils is also a great idea to make you feel more relaxed.

Here is a tip. While you are showering, make sure to close the door and shove towel under bathroom door. This towel will help to trap the steam inside.

2. Drink Saline Drops

As you repeat hot shower in daily basis, you can combine by drinking saline drops. This is actually a liquid that mixes water and a bit of salt yet it has been proven to be an effective remedy.

This remedy uses the osmosis power. Higher salt concentration outside the cells that are located inside the tissue will help to flush the water out of the nose tissues and bring back the balance.

You certainly notice that every time you draw fluid out of your nose tissues, your swelling will decrease and you will be able to breathe normally again.

Shortly said, this is a magical fluid that loosens up the trapped mucous. At the same time, it flushes germs and irritant outside the body.

To make this magical fluid, you need 1tsp of salt, 1.2 tsp of baking soda, a dropper, sterile glass jar and 1 cup of water. Mix all of the ingredients until fully dissolved.

3. Use Spicy Decongestant

Here is another effective home remedy. You should be glad if you are a fan of spicy food because spicy decongestant is actually very helpful to deal with the stuffy nose.

It is a great recipe with ingredients that can be found inside your house. What you need include lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, honey, cayenne pepper and also ginger. Actually, some people do like the taste though.

Boil all the ingredients in a bowl of water for 15 minutes. Let it cool and use it later as decongestant. Use it several times a day.

This definitely one of the most effective ways on how to get rid of stuffy nose instantly

4 Different Causes a Stuffy Nose That You Should Know

Have you ever had a stuffy nose? Wondering of what causes a stuffy nose? Here we will describe the cause of a stuffy nose other than the flu or a cold.

causes a stuffy nose
What Causes a Stuffy Nose

Nasal congestion can occur at any time, no matter what the cause which is the reason of a stuffy nose. Generally, nasal congestion occurs for any of these reasons, ranging from a cold, flu and allergies.

However what if you do not have all of these reasons, but still suffer from a stuffy nose. Medically, there are many reasons behind the congestion, some of which you probably have that causes your nose clogged throughout the day.

4 Different Causes a Stuffy Nose

Here are four of the many reasons behind a stuffy nose that you may not know.

1. Thyroid Disorders

A thyroid disorder may lead to a stuffy nose, even if you are not suffering from the flu or a cold. Hypothyroidism is a thyroid disorder in which it is a condition of the body due to deficiency of thyroid hormones.

Besides, hypothyroidism sometimes accompanied by several other symptoms such as hair thinning, dry skin, constipation, fatigue and cold.

2. Nasal polyps

Polyps show a symptom such as a non-cancerous growth that occurs in sinuses or nasal passages. It is a benign condition, but it can inhibit the airways resulting in a stuffy nose.

In a severe condition, polyps may lead to a prolonged flu. People with asthma, allergies and sinus infections, could potentially develop polyps in their nasal passages.

3. Sinus Infection

If you suffer from a stuffy nose that accompanies the cold and flu, it is likely that you have a viral infection. Common cold and flu due to viral infection can usually heal within one to two weeks.

However after two weeks and the cure is difficult to achieve, there is a possibility that you have a bacterial sinus infection. Therefore, seeing a doctor is a must to get the proper treatment. Some other symptoms that commonly occur are pus snot, fever and sinus pain.

4. Having Pregnancy

Are you a pregnant woman and experiencing a stuffy nose? Women can experience many changes during pregnancy.

There are various underlying hormonal changes that lead to increased blood circulation throughout the body.

You may experience swelling in some parts of the body such as the legs, but you can have a swelling in the nasal membranes as well, resulting in a stuffy nose. Try to add the fluid intake to overcome this condition.

If you have one of the reasons of the above conditions, you have the possibility to get a stuffy nose. Taking appropriate measures is necessary to treat the causes and symptoms of a stuffy nose.

Best 15 Tips on How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Overnight

When we took a sleep, we certainly wanted to have a quality sleep, which means without any disturbance either internally or externally. However, when you suffer from a stuffy nose, your sleep quality is also reduced, and certainly, it makes you uncomfortable and disrupting your sleep.

get rid of stuffy nose overnight
How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Overnight

No matter what the reason behind a stuffy nose, in which there is a possibility of a cold, fever or other disorders, nasal congestion always inhibit your rest. Therefore, when you have a stuffy nose while sleeping, here are some effective ways how to get rid of a stuffy nose overnight you might consider.

1. Place Your Pillow on Higher Position

Elevating the position of a pillow is a quick way to get rid of a stuffy nose. When you took a nap in a higher position, it resulted in a better respiratory flow and to open up the nasal obstruction. Besides, the mucus that causes a stuffy nose can now flow toward the bottom.

2. Applying Ointment

Balm can warm your body, apply balm on a specific part of the body can open the airways and get rid of a stuffy nose overnight. Apply the balm on the chest and neck for fast relief from a stuffy nose.

3. Applying Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil has a similar effect with a balm, but the heating effect is lighter than balsam. You can apply eucalyptus oil on the forehead or the bottom of the nose to make you sleep more soundly.

4. Perform Facial Massage

Massaging the face can stimulate the meridian points to relieve respiratory circulation. Perform a gentle massage, especially the forehead and around the nose with the help of the index finger. Within a few minutes, nasal congestion can be eased.

5. Avoid Blowing Mucus Hardly

Blowing your nose by pushing it with powerful can lead to nasal congestion. When getting the flu, sometimes we want to drain mucus out of the nose immediately, but it should be avoided, instead gently blow snot out of the nose.

6. Drink Extra Liquid

Keeping your body hydrated is essential when suffering from fever, adding fluid intake can refresh your body and shed the nasal mucus. Drinking water can also sweep out toxins from the body and prevent irritation.

7. Using Inhaler

An inhaler is a fast relief when it comes to getting rid of a stuffy nose overnight. It helps improve the quality of your sleep by respiratory relief that is disrupted by nasal congestion. Mint aroma out of inhaler can shed mucus and open the nasal passages.

8. Inhale a Hot Steam

If you wake up one night because of a stuffy nose, try to come up with hot steam. Inhaling steam can relieve nasal passages and eliminate the stuffy nose overnight.

Simply prepare a basin of hot water, and place your nose facing the basin while inhaling the steam from the hot water. Cover your head to maximize the inhaled vapor.

9. Taking Onions

Onion gives the sensation of hot and spicy that help relieve respiratory tract, thereby getting rid of stuffy nose overnight.

It has a powerful effect to release the mucus that clogs the nasal passages, simply wash 1 clove onion and cut into several slices. Smell the aroma out of onion to get relief from stuffy nose.

10. Gargling Salt Water

When a stuffy nose approaches you in middle of the night, immediately go to the kitchen to retrieve the salt. Gargling with salt water helps a lot in getting rid of stuffy nose because salt water helps thin mucus that clogs the nasal passages.

Prepare a glass of warm water and add a few teaspoons of salt, stir well and use to gargle at least 3-4 times. Repeat the process if necessary.

11. Drink Warm Lime Juice

Lime juice can boost your immune system; thus it helps eliminate a stuffy nose. You can make lemon juice plus a little honey and drink when getting a stuffy nose.

12. Chewing Garlic

Chewing garlic provides quick relief for a stuffy nose. Hot and spicy effect of garlic helps to relieve your nasal passages. However, if you cannot stand the smell of garlic, you can also inhale steam from a few slices of garlic.

13. Inhale Steam out of Herbal Tea

Are you a fan of herbal tea? If so, place your herbal tea as a remedy to get rid of a stuffy nose. However, we are not going to drink the herbal tea.

Otherwise, we would inhale steam from the herbal tea to get rid of a stuffy nose. Steam from the herbal tea is a natural way to thin the mucus and make the nasal passages relieved.

14. Drinking Cayenne Pepper

You certainly do always keep cayenne pepper in the kitchen of the house, and it is a distinct advantage in dealing with a stuffy nose.

The spicy sensation from the cayenne pepper can make your nose instantly relieved; thus a stuffy nose subsided. Simply cut a cayenne pepper into a number slices and add to the warm cup of tea and then drink it.

15. Taking a Walk

Take a moment to walk when it comes to a stuffy nose at night. Fresh air, outside the room, can refresh your body and respiratory relief. Walking is an effective natural decongestant for a stuffy nose.


That was several natural ways of how to get rid of a stuffy nose overnight, you probably have never heard of some of the methods which has been mentioned, but whichever way you take, be sure a stuffy nose does not disturb your sleeping again.

Top 8 Natural Ways on How to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose

Wondering How to Get Rid of Stuffy Nose? Having a stuffy nose is just like the loss of freedom, you will be obstructed by a stuffy nose when you want to carry out daily activities, and it is very annoying, right?

Allergies, colds, and irritation of the nasal cavity are the main causes of a stuffy nose. A stuffy nose can also be affected by changes in weather, pungent odor in the air and exposure to chemicals.

get rid of stuffy nose
get rid of stuffy nose

However we are here not to talk about the reasons behind a stuffy nose, it’s just that when a stuffy nose approached your life, there are several things you should consider to relieve your condition, as this may cause discomfort and even harder to treat.

You need to find out the cause of a stuffy nose in the first place; it is important because by treating the cause of the congestion, you are already getting rid of a stuffy nose automatically. If the cause of a stuffy nose is the common cold, then you need to cure a common cold itself to getting rid of a stuffy nose completely. The same also apply with the other reasons, here’s the complete elaboration.

Simple Remedies to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose

You can apply some simple tips and remedies to get rid of a stuffy nose, a few of them are.

1. Removing Allergens

An allergic reaction can cause nasal congestion; then you should remove allergens and treat your allergies with allergy medications that contain antihistamines. However, you must be aware of the side effects of allergy medication, read the package as directed, avoid driving because of allergy medications can cause drowsiness.

2. Avoid Chemicals and Smoking

We’ve said before that your nasal congestion can be caused by exposure to external substances such as harmful chemicals, smoke, and other irritating substances; thus it is imperative for you to stay away from these substances for the relief of your nostrils.

3. Blow Your Nose on Regular Basis

Blow the nostrils when having a stuffy nose is an effective way to open up the flow of air in the nose; thus it will relieve nasal congestion. You need to blow your nose at one nostril at a time. Here’s how to safely and efficiently to remove mucus from your nostrils.

• Gently pressing one nostril to restrict airflow, use your index finger.
• Blow the other nostril, gently blowing on a handkerchief.
• The same way applied to the other side of nostril until your nose feels relieved.

4. Lying on the Side that is Less Clogged

This method is effective if you have a stuffy nose on one side. It helps relieve the pressure on the side of more clogged, of your face. You can lay on one side, especially after draining your nostrils with the neti pot or gargle with salt water.

5. Eating Chicken Soup

Eating chicken soup is a delicious way to get rid of stuffy nose. Chicken soup helps relieve the majority of health complaints. Thus it helps you feel better when you are sick. Take a bowl of hot soup to allow mucus to move out of your nostrils, and it really helps you feel less stuffy.

6. Having Peppermint

Peppermint is a decongestant ingredients that contain menthol and very effective to get rid of stuffy nose. You can find the content of peppermint in many cough drops or ointments products. If you like tea, peppermint tea is the easy solution for a stuffy nose. Drink peppermint tea several times a day to ease mucus out of nostrils.

7. Having Sleep with Extra Pillows

Extra pillows can relieve nasal airflow and make your sleep more soundly. Take two or more pillows, and put them under the head during sleep can help relieve a stuffy nose.

8. Apply Night Tricks

Nighttime is the time when stuffy nose can be annoying; you have to find a way to get rid of this condition quickly. One effective way is to roll a small tissue paper and insert into your nostrils. Within a few minutes, you will feel better.

Otherwise, you can push your cheek skin away from clogged nostrils (toward ear). This method can help open up the nostrils and allow air to flow unimpeded and relieve a stuffy nose.

[alert-announce]Summary:[/alert-announce]In addition to the simple ways above, you can take the medicines available on the market, such as acetaminophen, decongestants, ibuprofen, antihistamine, and naproxen sodium.

Otherwise, take an herbal medicine containing vitamin C, zinc, and Echinacea. Always consider the rules of use of the package.

If you experience nasal congestion for 10 days, especially accompanied by a fever or there are changes in the color of mucus, see your doctor for proper treatment.