How to Get Rid of Baby Stuffy Nose Before Gets Worse

Do you ever questioning about how to get rid of baby stuffy nose? We all know that stuffy is regular to adult and babies. It usually comes with cold and flu.

It is an irritating issue for both adult and babies. And when it doesn’t get treated soon, it may lead of stuffy head. You certainly do not want your kids to have irritating stuffy nose and head.

baby stuffy nose
How to Get Rid of Baby Stuffy Nose

Therefore, you as the parents, have to treat it sooner. If the condition is mild, you can apply effective home remedies so you do not have to pay for doctor consultation and medicines.

Applying few treatments in a few times can actually be effective to make your babies feel comfortable again.

1. Saline Drops

This magical drop isn’t only effective for adults but also babies. You can make the drop yourself by mixing 1tsp of pure sea salt into a cup of water.

Put few of the saline drops into each nostrils of your baby. Then, remove the mucus using bulb syringe. You can repeat it many times as you wish because it is safe.

It is recommended to apply the drops before meal time as it will make your babies have better appetite. Make sure to squeeze syringe first and release the bulb slowly. Then, wash the bulb using water and soap every time you are done using it.

While you remove the mucus, make sure to remove sticky stuff from your baby’s nose. It is better to remove it every time it appears before it hardens.

When it gets harden, it will be more difficult to remove it and it will also be quite painful for your baby.

2. Vaporize

Here is another effective home remedy by using vaporizer. Use this device inside your baby’s room as it adds more moisture to air. This way, it will help you to clear your baby’s stuffy nose. Make sure to regularly clean the machine to avoid mold from growing.

As you treat your baby, you can do some gentle taps on the back of your baby. This simple remedy will help to ease the chest congestion.

To do this, lay your baby down across your knees. Then, continue by patting the baby’s back gently using your cupped hand.

Or, you can also do the tap while your baby is sitting on your lap. It will help to loosen the mucus in your baby’s chest. This way, it will be easier for your baby to cough it up.

For babies, stuffy nose is very normal. Therefore, if it is not severe, do not rush to see doctors or give cold and cough medicines for them especially if they are still under age 4.

The medicines are not good for your baby’s health. Meanwhile, if your baby is 4 to 6 years old, you can talk to doctor about which medicine you should give to treat this issue.

What important on how to get rid of baby stuffy nose is to keep your baby warm to avoid the stuffy nose from getting worse and leading to other health issues.