How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Fast and Naturally

5. Massage Sinus for Nasal Congestion

massage sinus
Massage Sinus
When we are sick, sometimes we are not able to prepare any medication to treat our condition. We were too tired to face illness, hence take enough sleep is the best remedy. However, nasal congestion often accompanies our medical condition, which in turn makes us have difficulty obtaining proper rest.

To overcome this problem, you can apply sinus massage by putting pressure on the right place to help relieve the congestion.

Ingredients you need:

  • Your fingers – index fingers.
  • Eucalyptus oil – sufficiently (optional).


  1. Massaging the point below the eyebrow in the cavity of the inner eye, and right on top the nose with the help of both index fingers. Begin massaging in a circular motion for 30 seconds.
  2. Massaging the point below your eye on the outside for 30 seconds in a circular motion.
  3. Use your thumb to massage the cheekbones in a circular motion for 30 minutes. You will feel better with the help of sinus massage.
  4. Inhaling steam of eucalyptus oil can assist the massage, also apply on the side of your nostrils for quick treatment.

6. Having Hot Shower for Nasal Congestion

hot shower
Hot Shower
Taking a steaming hot shower can be a fast alternative when it comes to nasal congestion. Steam coming from the hot water bath plays a role in breakdown congestion in the nasal cavity. Thus it helps to heal the swelling of blood vessels in the sinus passages.

Ingredients you need:

  • Hot shower – available one.
  • Towel – clean one.


  1. First, you must prevent the steam escaping from the bathroom by putting a towel under the door.
  2. Now take a hot shower as you normally would, stand there and take a moment to breathe in the steam for about 10 minutes.
  3. Whenever you feel the mucus began to loosen, blow your nose to remove mucus out of your nostrils.

Additional Useful Tips for Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion means inconvenience for everyone, yet it shows a symptom of certain diseases behind the nasal congestion, and for infants, nasal congestion can be life threatening. Try following useful tips to alleviate the side effects of nasal congestion.

  • Allergic can be accompanied by a constant runny nose, nasal congestion, watery eyes and sniffling. In this case, you can buy antihistamines over-the-counter and taking it to get rid of a stuffy nose.
  • You should clean your nose gently, swallowing or sniffing.
  • Utilizing elastic, tender of the bulb syringe to remove any emissions lodged in the nostrils of children.
  • In case of postnasal drip, you can drink plenty of fluids, salt water shower, utilizing humidifier and keep away from cigarette smoke or changes in the weather.

[alert-announce]Summary:[/alert-announce]These home remedies and tips that follow will help you get rid of a stuffy nose. You will get effective results around the congestion in the nasal cavity and surely they work like a charm.

Make sure yourself to increase fluid intake, in which it is useful to flush your system of the invasion of viruses and bacteria that cause nasal congestion.

However you need to pay attention when nasal congestion does not go away in a week or so, you should see a doctor immediately. There is a possibility that nasal congestion is a symptom of a more severe illness in your body and they require special attention from a doctor.

Sinus infection and nasal polyps are two serious problems that can make you get stuck with nasal congestion constantly. Therefore, a doctor’s help is essential.