How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Fast and Naturally

Having a stuffy nose can be devastating, as breathing is the basis of any life, many difficulties may come over you when suffering from nasal congestion. A stuffy nose does not allow you to breathing liberally.

Your nose began to drip and run; even your voice may sound funny while speaking. This condition is very annoying, and sometimes a stuffy nose completely drains out our energy unconsciously.

get rid of stuffy nose
How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose

You need to think about appropriate treatment to drain the nasal passages to get rid of a stuffy nose. Otherwise, your stuffy nose will torture you constantly throughout the day until you recover from certain conditions as the reasons behind the stuffy nose.

Finding out the reasons behind nasal congestion is the first step to get rid of a stuffy nose, it is necessary to take preventive measures against nasal congestion. Thus, suffering from nasal congestion does not degrade the quality of your life, as you already know the appropriate method for breathing liberally.

What is Stuffy Nose in General?

Most people believe that a stuffy nose occurs as a result of excessive production of mucus in the nose, however, this statement is not entirely true. Medically, stuffy nose is mainly caused by inflammation of blood vessels in the sinuses. This inflammation results in increased production of mucus in the nose that leads to a stuffy nose.

When tissues in the nose adjacent to the blood vessels begin to fill with fluid and creates a feeling of stuffy, the condition is known as ”a stuffy nose”. Nasal congestion is the aftereffect of irritation in the nasal cavity, as a result of the swelling tissue lining the nasal cavity and sinuses.

This condition may be experienced either in children or adults at all ages. In fact, it may also threaten the lives of newborns. Thus it requires immediate attention to prevent further symptoms.

Main Reasons Behind the Stuffy Nose

Have you ever thought why the blood vessels in the nasal cavity get inflamed? If you notice more carefully, your body has an effective defense system as a part of the immune system. When your body is suffering from either the flu, sinus infections, allergies or a cold, they suddenly trigger the defense system to create excess mucus to eradicate this illness-causing pathogen.

However you certainly soon experience nasal congestion as a consequence of the battle against the pathogen, which makes you hard to breathe. For a more in-depth explanation, there are several main causes of a stuffy nose. They are highlighted below, and you are expected to have a better understanding of the reasons behind your runny nose.

1. Infection

When you have an infection that leads to the common cold, it usually ends up with a stuffy nose. The common cold can invade everyone, about 2-3 times a year someone can be afflicted the common cold as a part of life, but it happens depends on a person’s immune system

The immune system releases histamine when the body fight the common cold; consequently, there is an increased blood flow to the nose as a result of the body’s natural reaction. This condition causes the nasal passages swollen and cause a stuffy nose to appear.

Your nasal passages are favorite places for the growth of bacteria. Their growth is increasing when one is suffering from a cold. Bacterial infection can cause mucus from a clean go yellowish or greenish. If the colored snot does not go away in a few days, there is a possibility of a specific medical condition behind the infection, such as pneumonia.

2. Blood Vessels Inflammation

Inflammation of blood vessels in the nose may lead to nasal congetsion. It occurs as a result of a number of different reasons, thyroid disorders, and stress can trigger the inflammation, while another cause of associated with inflammation is the overuse of decongestants.

You should find out the cause behind the inflammation of blood vessels in the nose before they progressed into the stage of a chronic nasal congestion. Thus, ”Vasomotor Rhinitis” (inflamed blood vessels) can be healed on early stage to relieve a stuffy nose.

3. Allergies

Allergies are the body’s natural response when some foreign objects are trying to invade the body. The immune system releases histamine when allergens trapped in the nose, eyes, ears and mouth. Consequently, the body sends more blood to the nasal passages which cause swelling of the blood vessels and ended up with a stuffy nose.

Some allergens such as dust, pollen, mold and animal furs potentially cause nasal congestion and watery eyes. In fact, they may cause any discomfort as well. Thus allergies are the primary cause of a stuffy nose and affect virtually the entire population of the world.

4. Abnormality of Nose

Some people with nasal abnormality, are susceptible to a stuffy nose. If you have an accident or pressing the nose, causing a deviated septum that lead to a stuffy nose. Despite having an abnormality of nose is accidental, yet it appearance may lead to chronic a stuffy nose.

Nasal abnormality including structural disorder of the nasal passages, children with swelling of lymph nodes behind the throat that resulted in chronic congestion. Someone can end up with a chronic stuffy nose when the condition is left untreated.

Some of the reasons highlighted above are the main cause of a stuffy nose. Nasal anatomy, certain tumors, and interminable medication, contributing to a stuffy nose. They have their own reasons that need to obtain the proper medication, while for more simple reasons, there are easy home remedies for a stuffy nose.